The Clown Car 2: And Knowing is Half the Battle

Welcome to The Clown Car, the crazy parenting journey where two parents talk about how they and you can survive your own personal circus.

Story of the Week: Bathroom stories and preparing for a party.

Topic of the Day: Battling with your kids.

Is it worth fighting over?

Am I just frustrated with the situation?

What will bring me the most peace?

Is this just a once-in-while incident or is it repeat behavior that I actually need to deal with right now?

Is there a way to resolve the issue without creating additional frustration to anyone?

Weekly Challenge: This week’s challenge is to come up with a BATTLE plan so when they arise… and they WILL arise, you’ll be prepared to fight or let it go.

And Knowing is Half the Battle.

Thank you for listening to The Clown Car. Parenting is hard and we believe you should get a GOLD STAR just for trying! Just remember, our way’s not the only way, find what works for you. You’re doing a good job. You can follow us and share your thoughts on Facebook and Twitter @theclowncar and email us at, until next time, enjoy your circus.

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